Apni Market is an online marketplace where businesses/stores can register themselves and bring their business online in order to reach more audience and scale to greater levels.

Apni Market aims to help small, medium and large local stores and businesses of all nature to come online and start selling their products and services to their customers, especially to the ones who are near to them. We provide you with the features of both an online marketplace and an e-commerce website, easing the whole process of listing your products/services and managing your online store. 

Apni Market offers you an affordable and effective way to promote your business and product with the help of your own online store which you can promote yourself very easily. As an aspiring and dedicated service, we aim to do the following:

1. Help local and small businesses prosper

2. Bring as many businesses online as possible

3. Promote local e-commerce and digital exchange

4. Offer robust and affordable online marketplace features